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Cool Local Things

Maker Faire in Queens has long been our family’s first go-to place for all things gearhead and tech, but once we started really looking around we found fun weekend activities everywhere!

The New York City Science & Engineering Fair is a favorite of ours and even though we’re not yet old enough to enter, our dad is a judge this year in the areas of inventions and engineering–go dad!

Most recently we did a 9-hour hackathon in the Bronx called Agile Youth Challenge. It was a mix of coding workshops and a group project competition where we used new coding language to make working coded platform about net neutrality. The next one is on April 22.

We love going to NASA’s annual Space and Science Fest on the Intrepid in August and visiting Cornell Tech‘s campus on Roosevelt Island.  Science Saturday in May at Rockefeller University totally rocks and we get to hang out with smart scientists and learn more about how they work–we love biomimicry so it’s right up our alley.

Sometimes we’re the ones organizing local events–like we did at PS6, cosponsoring their first Science Fair. We also organized a STEM event for our regional Boy Scout community with over a dozen stations ranging from proving Archimedes Principal to the marshmallow–spaghetti stick challenge to a robotics primer.

Community is what you make it, so on weekends when we can’t find cool events already in progress, we’re now committed to making them happen ourselves!