Our Favorite Inventors

Our Favorite Inventors

There’s a good reason why our hero Elon Musk named his cool car company after Nicola Tesla: this guy moved us toward the future more than anyone of his time, including his enemy Thomas Edison who kicked him out of his workshop when he wouldn’t play by the old sleepy inventing rules. So Tesla found another backer and created the induction motor and alternating current, two super important basic inventions that have made possible almost every other invention since then. Thanks Tesla!

Henry Ford also had a lot to do with Musk creating the Tesla car since Ford invented the first car 120 years ago in 1896. His Ford Company sold its first car a few years later and it was too expensive for most people to buy so he innovated the way they were put together to make them faster and cheaper—a process called an “assembly line,” which is the way people collaborate in factories to do things faster than they ever could before.

By the way, we’re obsessed with factory tours. We could watch this stuff all day. You know who else would love watching those with us—Leonardo da Vinci. Aside from being a famous painter 500 years ago he was also an engineer, scientist and inventor, created an inventors notebook 13,000 pages long (most of written backwards so you would need a mirror to read it!) and which included amazing designs for such futuristic things as a parachute, robot, diving suit, armored tank, helicopter, canon, solar power, telephone and a folding bridge.

Leonardo was curious about everything and the way things work, like us, and we would love to have known him. A new film is being made about him and it was written by the same guy–Walter Isaacson–who wrote about Einstein and Steve Jobs so this is going to be good. –Garrett & Tripp

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