Snap Circuits Electronics Training

Create over 700 experiments including a sound-activated switch, lie detector, adjustable light controller, am radio, and a rechargeable battery. 80 separate components and a computer interface.

LEGO Mindstorms

Build five robots, all making use of the three interactive servo motors, remote control, processor, infrared sensor, and internet USB port. Over 500 Lego pieces included so get creative.

Smithsonian Microscope

View slide specimen up to 1200x their size on this sophisticated metal-based microscope; look at prepared slides and create your own with the included accessories.

Minecraft Periodic Table of Element

Hoping to make the leap from Minecraft into the hard sciences? Here’s your first step: 27 blocks designed to fit with mini figures and stop-motion movie creator.

Helicopter/Flying Car Drone

The 4-axle gyroscope makes it nimble; it’s conversion from car to helicopter makes it cool. Special effect flips, freestyle rotations and one-button auto-return.

littleBits Electronics Premium Kit

A servo and vibration motors help supercharge this wide assemblage of 14 Bits that can create hundreds of buzzing, whirring STEM devices and contraptions.

The Original Spirograph

The 45-piece set of interlocking gears and wheels create almost unlimited patterns and spiraling designs using the included pens, paper, design book and travel case.

GoldieBlox Machines

The 34-piece kit and 49-page book introduce engineering themes with a belt drive machine to inspire spatial skills, problem-solving, creativity and all kinds of tinkering.

Physics Workshop

Build 36 compound including a windmill, two-speed crane, force scale, sail car, mars robot, hammer machine, centrifuge, pinball game, centrifugal switch and ship’s lantern.

Smithsonian Rocket Science

Learn about propulsion, opposing forces, gravity, and motion using this vinegar and baking soda powered rocket that soars 100 and is reusable; info poster included.

MakerBot Replicator Mini

The barriers to real invention came down with the advent of 3D printers; if you can imagine it, you can now build it and Makerbot led the revolution.

Snapcircuits Electronics Kit

Ready to build your own doorbell, AM radio, burglar alarms? Of course you are—and those are only 3 of the 300 devises you can make with this electronics learning kit.

Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

Using Scratch and Python as its primary operating language, Raspberry Pi revolutionized simple computing with its low-cost single board computers. Here’s your starter kit.

Smithsonian Motor-Works

Before you wrench on your first car, earn your stripes building this 4-cylinder engine, complete with firing spark plugs, opening valves and turning fans and belts.

Electric Soldering Iron Kit

Soldering is the coolest, and this kit puts you in business. With an adjustable temp iron, magnifier station, wire, sucker, tip cleaner, info manuals and carry bag, you’re ready to DIY.

Snap Circuits Alternative Energy

Learn about such green energy options as geothermal power using 40 parts to build 125 machines, including a hand crank solar cell FM radio and windmill clock.

Thames & Kosmos Nanotech Kit

The biggest tech revolutions are happening on the smallest scale: nano. Learn about this atomic world using the kit’s tools to explore nano particles and structures.

Smithsonian 82902 Jet Works

Learn about turbine speed, thrust and flight while building this working model of a jet engine: a cut-way version of how the real thing actually works.